Ancient Diet and Fitness Guidelines

tamilremedyThough we have become an experts at all kinds of diagnosis and tests medically, we can also see that people are becoming more and sick all the time. What is a little worrying is the fact that younger people are becoming sick more and more frequently. Is this because of stress, pollution or lifestyle? Actually, I do not claim to know what or who is responsible. What I do know to an extent, however is how we can take care of our health to the maximum extent.

This does not mean expensive gadgets, tests or medicines. It means going back to ancient wisdom of how to take care of our own body. Apart from a regular fitness routine, what does help is good and nutritious food.

Now, what is good food? There seems to a lot of confusion here. A diet is now used in common parlance today. Almost everyone is on some kind of diet. There is always a lot of discussion on various diets and the ideal weight today. Just like there is no one size for everyone, there is no one weight for all. On a parallel note, there seems to be too much discussion on the vitamins, minerals and components of food we need to consume.

More and more theories  have come in vogue like : GM Diet, Body type diet, Blood group diet, Only Protein Diet( Atkins ), Metabolic type diet and so on. Each one is beneficial for some and for few it is difficult to follow. Further, there are few diets which are just supplements, but many try to follow it up for few days reduce their weight and later on cannot do it as the taste buds demand the foods which they are habituated to.

The fact is too much thought on food itself is counterproductive. Food is indeed an important part of our life and we do need to incorporate it in a balanced manner. Food is actually something that we need for nourishment and the best wisdom is one of our ancestors who ate most things in balance.

Some tips I can suggest to everyone are

1. .Make healthy food choices

Let us ensure we eat fresh and healthy food always. This is something we owe ourselves. Always remember, nature has done a pretty decent job.

2. Don’t starve

The body needs nourishment, We must keep this in mind and not think about how we wish to look.

3. Do not take media hype on labels seriously

We need to know marketing products is the name of the game today. Let us not get misled by this.

4. Choose a workout that works for you

Our body always needs a fitness routine. This is necessary not just for weight loss but for health. We all must choose one that works for us.

Since I do know of some Ancient Tamil and other Indian remedies and recommendations for a healthy life and some suggestions to handle certain challenges, I shall soon share it with everyone through this blog. Those who do attempt to try any of the recommendations are requested to share their experience to inspire others.

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