Is it really possible to pursue happiness ?

Very often, we think of what could have been, if…things had turned out differently. This never happens as life is not in our control. We then pursue what we term ‘happiness’ trying desperately to bring things in our control.

We make many plans, save money, build houses and wish to leave behind enough happiness for our children, thinking that happiness comes with money. We soon begin to realize that this is really not true.


Till today, nobody knows where happiness comes from but it certainly does not come from money or material wealth.
What we do know is where it does NOT come from. It does NOT come from possessions, it does NOT come from power, it does NOT come from talent, it does not come from physical BEAUTY.

In a sense, the pursuit of happiness that is the key doctrine of the modern world has NOT resulted in happiness. This is actually because we do NOT know what we are pursuing.

This is the reason many people turn to divinity or faith.

Here again, there are differences. Some faiths believe that we are children of God, while some feel we are part of divinity. Within each faith itself, there are slightly different versions on the nature of divinity.

So, what is the common factor? The commonality is the differences.

Differences are the factor the adds flavor to life. Let us not forget how wonderful life is, always.
Every experience only makes us stronger, more resilient and better.

As far as happiness is concerned, this is a journey, not a destination. It is this journey that has happiness strewn all around it.We just need to partake of the happiness.

We can partake of this happiness only if we remember that life is a mystery to solve, not a problem to resolve.


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