Complete Healing

completehealingAmong the many benefits of writing for a wellness magazine like Life Positive, I have realised that everyone needs healing in one way or another.

In all my experience of life, I have realised that people get healed only when they truly wish to be healed from within. This could be in any area, of the body, mind or spirit.

Here, the greatest blessings I have received is the good karma that I have obtained by guiding others in all areas through my writing.

As of now, I could and would like to guide others if they need help in any area if they connect with me on – Where I can help, I shall do so. Where they need help from someone else, again I shall guide them to the right people to the best of my knowledge.

People could also comment here so that others could also help them to the best of their knowledge. People sometimes say these kind of comments could be useless but I do feel one can benefit if one sieves through them and picks up what could be relevant to them. After all, it is only sharing that benefits all of us.

So, I request everyone to reach out for help when you need it and believe me, you shall get it sooner or later. Once one receives help, what is required from us is perseverance to walk on the path shown to us. The time table is not ours to make. That is always in the hands of the creator or the divine whatever we may choose to call it. In the process of getting healed, we shall of course learn a lot and this is what we are born for as learning lessons all the time which is another parlance is called experience. This indeed is the journey of life.

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