Cured or healed, does it matter what we call it?

As I work for Life Positive, a magazine that focuses on personal growth and have written a book, detailing my healing from multiple sclerosis, I am often asked whether I have healed or cured myself.

Here, all I would like to say that these are all just semantics. What matters is the fact that I have overcome what is considered a chronic condition and am leading an active, independent life.

projectmanagementspiritualLooking back, I think the primary reason for my recovery/ healing or whatever one may choose to call it was not just the technique of acupuncture that has been extremely beneficial to me, not yoga that has also been very helpful, the other techniques that I have attempted off and on but the unconditional love that I received from my loved ones at home, office and in fact, everyone around me. This resulted in me never feeling like a patient at any time. To me, MS was just something to be taken care of along with various other aspects in my life.

This has made me feel that it one can indeed heal from anything if one’s relationships are robust and we keep watering them with our doses of love.

Taking the discussion further using today’s semantics, healing is not just about physical healing but about emotional healing too. It is being proven now by everyone even in the medical fraternity that not being emotionally content and stress free can lead to all kinds of issues in one’s life.

So, what is the solution? Like many truths of life, it is extremely simple to say but  very difficult to apply in one’s life completely. To begin with, it would help if apart from love, we are grateful for all that we have in our lives.

We all do have things to be worried about and also things to be grateful for. Let us focus on the latter. Instead of making our lives full of worries, let us instead focus on all that we need to be grateful for. Fortunately, our emotions and therefore, our lives, are very much in our control. We would only need to work on them to lead a complete life, whatever the situation we find ourselves may be. This, I understand, is not very easy but if we must try to do this for our own wellness.

With this focus, worry and its cousins like self-pity and depression will soon vanish from our lives.


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