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familypic“This is just a simple story but has many truths in it, Ma. What the author has written about his teacher is something I have also experienced with Patti (grandmother)”, said my daughter to me yesterday after reading the wonderful book, “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom.

What a profound truth. This is indeed true, especially in her case. She and my son are very fortunate to have spent a lot of time with my late mother-in-law who was indeed  a remarkable woman. She was not highly educated in the parlance of today but more progressive in thought than many other so-called educated people of today.

She encouraged, never discouraged anyone she came across, not just her family but everyone around her.  She never wanted anyone to be unhappy. “Let us make everyone happy”,  was her mantra in life. Without giving any advice, she would try to convey others also to do the same.  “Who knows what he/she must have undergone? There is too much anger here. Let us wait for some time and not add fuel to the fire now” was one of her responses to all quarrels and disputes in the house, colony and entire neighbourhood.  She ensured there were no quarrels around her as she never wished to become part of anything negative.

In a sense, just by just being who she was, she naturally made the whole atmosphere one of love and understanding.    This usually had a ripple effect of everyone becoming better human beings at least during the time she was around. As is the way of the world, some continued trying to follow her approach, some did not. Still, she continued being who she was, without being judgemental about anyone.

Why others, even I have understood only recently how powerful her approach  to life was, whether at home or even in the world.

This is precisely why my daughter was reminded of her when she read the book that shows us how life is not complicated, it is simple when our focus is right.

Whether we are fortunate to have someone like this is our immediate circles or not, the fact is all of us can learn these lessons from the simple wisdom around us, be it from a teacher, friend or relative.

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