Fear and MS (multiple sclerosis)

What has Mahatma Gandhi got to do with MS? Nothing, right?  Think again. The point is he and other people who understood life in all its dimensions have everything to do with multiple sclerosis (MS) or any other ailment. Talking about life, Gandhi said, “Our greatest enemy is fear”.


Those of us with a health challenge very often die a thousand deaths, all because of fear. People who wish to go out do not do so because they are afraid they will fall. People who wish to see a movie or attend a social function do not do so because they feel others will wonder what is wrong with them. People who wish to read, sing or dance again do not attempt to do so ‘because they can’t’.

In an ailment like MS, even going to the doctor often makes us scared. “What will my diagnosis this time be? What will he tell me about my sickness? What will happen to me? “, is something many of us keep thinking all the time. Most psychologists and maybe even our wise neighbor, friend or relative will tell us that thinking and worrying like this is only going to increase the chances of us becoming worse and therefore, being diagnosed as being in a worse condition.

The fact is, if we think we can’t, we won’t and if we think we can, we will. This is the power of the mind and the soul. This is what Gandhi meant when he said in another context, “Fear is not a disease of the body; fear kills the soul.

If we combat fear, then more than half the battle is won.

If fear is the enemy, who or what can combat it? The answer is surprisingly simple. Fear can be combated only by its arch enemy, love. Love of all that is wonderful in the world and love for every little event we come across in the world and indeed love of all that is present in life,

Ultimately, the one and only thing that can improve our chances of becoming better is actually in our control, as fear can never be cured by anyone else but our own self.

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