Finding our place in the Universe

healed2Shareen (name changed) was the first person who contacted me through a friend re: acupuncture and its efficacy on multiple sclerosis (MS). She had heard about me through a family friend. I shared the details of my experience and could also locate a suitable acupuncturist for her. She went regularly for a month and was very excited as the results were visible. In a short while, however, she stopped going there giving some or the other excuse. She however would keep calling and asking some or the other query. Her reasons for not going to the acupuncturist were skewed with all kinds of variety. Sometimes it was her menstruation, sometimes a cold, sometimes fever, sometimes just the visit of a friend.   I am not saying that acupuncture is the remedy for all. Still, as it had worked for her, I was surprised to see she did not pursue it. I would have understood if something else had worked but again that was also not the case. Another person I know did improve in health quite radically with homeopathy but then gave up too soon giving some or other lame excuse. All this baffled me for a while.

These are a few examples but in my  interaction with other MS patients who have indeed carved out a life for themselves, I have seen many who do not make it possible to make themselves a part of the mainstream world. They often remain in a cocoon of ill health and do not become better because they stop trying anything new or challenging. In my case, I healed through acupuncture. I know many people who too have healed using the same approach. Others have used other techniques to heal.

What I have also seen however is people becoming better with regularity in healing themselves physically and emotionally.

It is then that I learnt that one heals only if one ardently wishes to heal. This does not mean a magic wand would be waved but it does mean a way will be shown for us to improve our lives.

I do not wish to imply everyone has same or similar issues in multiple sclerosis or life, itself. What I do wish to say is that the mantra of healing or life itself is a acceptance, desire to overcome the issue we have or at least give it least importance and finally again acceptance of the results that one is given or shown to us.

We must all know there is a place for all of us in the universe.

We only need to carve it.

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