Freedom is all about choices

A friend of mine recently told that there are times when she is made to feel inadequate when people look down on her after she consciously chose to leave her job and choose motherhood as her path in life. She took this decision as she never wanted to feel her daughter to ever feel alone or be looked after by others. I told her it was laudable that she was so clear about her goal in life, while many of us go hither and tither looking for various things to do when we have been given the greatest gift of all, that of bringing up a human being.

Another friend of mine told me how terrible she felt when she did not have the choice to go slow on social occasions when her children were growing up as everyone considered that she was being too ‘old fashioned’ and not moving with the times. Again like my other friend, I told her to just ignore these comments.

This kind of attitude is some I consider most deplorable and the most regressive way of using all the education that we have received.

joy1Women’s emancipation was and is necessary but surely, this cannot be at the cost of leading a life where we need to prove ourselves and our worth to everyone around us. This is not being ‘modern’   but being regressive, not progressive.  The whole idea of education is to enable people to do what they wish to do.

By this, I do not mean a career or a social life was or is not necessary. It is all about choices. We need to know that everyone has the right to make their own choices in the world and no one has the right to comment on anyone’s choices.

Today, we have people commenting on everyone else, be it in something as petty as their choice of attire or something more serious like their choice of life partner, whether or not to marry, whom to marry, whether or not to work, what one needs to work on, so on and so forth. This is not just in the area of women but in almost areas of life.

In this whole process of trying to comment on everyone else, we cease to focus on ourselves that is actually the most important task of all in our lives.

As in all areas of life we need to understand there is only one person we need to prove ourselves to and that is our own selves. It is only with this clarity that we can lead a complete life.

Essentially, if we learn to understand the basic truth that all we need to do is make ourselves happy, we shall all be happier and by extension, the society and the world will become a better place to live in.

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