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focusThe only way this can be made more complete life would be if we focus on what we can do and not what we would like to do but cannot. Unfortunately, we often get the equation wrong often.

A woman during her so called midlife crisis wants to become years younger and look like a teenager again. A man in the last stages of life wants to marry a young girl. These kind of events may happen. The point, however is, this is not something we should be obsessing about wasting our time and energy. Would it not be great if we instead focus on the things that we can do to make our life complete and wholesome? Some of my suggestions for doing this are

First, have dreams and live life completely.

Dreaming and having goals makes a life complete. The dream can be as simple as cooking a gourmet meal or listening to a music maestro personally, but dreams are necessary for all of us.

We should also do as much as we can in all areas. This could be reading books, watching movies, watching sunrise and nature, or even just talking to one’s loved ones. In fact, if there is nothing that we know of, then cultivate interests. Let us volunteer our services if we cannot work. Let us be a counselor to others. Let us just keep ourselves active.

Second, contribute something.

All of us are capable of adding value to the family, organization and indeed the world. This makes us feel valuable. This is an extremely important point which we all should remember always, whatever our current situation may be

Third, remember when we don’t get what you want, we get experience.

Though I did write for a magazine that writes on positivity and wellness, I became even better at understanding this when I started putting this in practice.

Fourth, remember bonds are extremely important n life

One’s family, friends and everyone around us is very important in our journey of life, Let us also think of all our friends including childhood friends, relatives, people in our neighborhood and / or workplace. In the modern world, everyone is just too busy. In the process, we lose touch with people who really care for us. Let us not do this.

Fifth, it’s all about getting one’s priorities right. 

My priorities were to be independent and always try and be of use to some use to others. This I definitely did not wish to compromise on. The other fancy things like going to various destinations and indulging in gourmet food was something that could be put on a backburner.

Sixth, have fun

Never underestimate the importance of fun. This can work only if we took part. Hence, I resolved to go out more, especially with the children as this is something I always liked.

Seventh, remember, it’s not what you say, but how you say it that matters.

Two people say the same thing, but they say it in different ways: ‘I don’t know’ is different from, ‘ I don’t have much information but I shall find out’. Hence, in the area of writing, I resolved NOT to stick to only routine subjects but did resolve to go that extra step to learn more and ask for help when required.

In my case, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and have now overcome it.  It was indeed possible by following the above tenets while trying to make myself better.

I have written a book not just to talk about my recovery but to tell others how a proper focus in life is important.

Those who wish to have more details of my journey can do so by reading my book, Dancing with Life, Living with Multiple Sclerosis published by Hayhouse.

The book is available online at


Users outside India can buy the book at


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