Good Days and Bad Days in MS

In my observation, there are many with MS who continue leading a mechanical life just making a chart of good days and bad days. I too was in this trap a little while ago.


Let us think for a minute, what is a good day? Who defines it ? Us, our family, our doctor, or everyone around us?

This is a confusion that will take us anywhere. Let us not fall into this trap.

Good days are not just about not having fever, flu, cough, cold or some other health issue but doing something with our life. We must remember we do create our own life whatever the circumstances. Let us not give this power to anybody.

We are not just the body. The body is bound to decay for everyone. For some, this may happen earlier than others. This is not something we need to keep thinking or worrying about but just do our best in all areas to the maximum extent possible.

We need to remember that we are not just the physical body, but also the mind and the spirit. Everything needs to be energized and this needs positive thought, determination and positive focus.  We can and should always focus on what we can do and not on what we cannot do.

When the focus changes, we can and will realize that there are indeed many things we can do. We can pursue most of the things we wish to do though the exact direction and path may be different.  This indeed is again true for most people in life, not just people with health challenges.

In fact, most people will agree that the path of their life has been different from what they had planned or imagined it would be like.

Let us remember to embrace life whatever the situation is and do all that we wish to do.

This will then make all days ‘good’ days.


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  1. Shruti Sridharan

    Hats off and Standing Ovation for this one!!!!!
    Especially since I know for a fact that you live each and every one of these words on a daily basis!
    You are AWESOME, Jamuna!

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