Healing metaphysically from my vision issues

Before I was even diagnosed with any ailment, I had what I now know as a symptom of multiple sclerosis, and had resolved it all through metaphysical healing.

visionmsIn 2003, I had started walking less and started avoiding going for regular walks in the morning as the speed of the friends whom I usually met at that time was something I could not cope with. Climbing stairs that was a regular routine earlier was something I stopped doing. In this scenario, what I did start feeling was a tremendous amount of stress on wondering what would happen next.

At around the same time, I accompanied my husband who had gone for a routine eye test. As I too was getting some headaches once in way, I thought, I too would get my eyes tested by the same ophthalmologist. What was detected was awful. I couldn’t see at all from one eye. It was a clear vision problem. The ophthalmologist, however, after analyzing all the factors, he said it was not a clear case where he could recommend a glass but one that would require more analysis. ‘In other countries people conduct some laser-based surgeries for this kind of a problem,’ he said, but recommended that he would take an appropriate decision after careful analysis, keeping safety in mind as it was a delicate surgery. He advised me to take some rest. At that time, I was employed as a software professional, and I strongly felt I should take a break. I requested my maternal aunt, Radhika Sridharan, to come and stay with me for a few days to handle the home front.

I took leave from the office I worked in then and regularly went for meditation sessions with my late guru, Promila Gurtu who had herself healed from her vision issues  through chakra meditation.  In a sense, she was  the ideal person for me at that time.

She had told us how vision or eye sight itself is a beautiful metaphor for all of us.   She asked us to ponder and think about why our eyes called the windows to our souls, why we speak of the way that we “see” the world, why we say, “I see”, in order to communicate that we understand?

Most of all, she asked us to think about the relationship between our vision, our eyesight, and our way of being.

According to her, eyesight was not just a physical process involving acuity. It was a multi-dimensional function affecting and affected by our emotional and mental state of being

She told us that the natural state of our vision is clear, and returning to clarity is related to returning to balance, and really being ourselves.

With determination, and a willingness to change perceptions and their accompanying realities, anyone can transform his or her view of the world, both literally and figuratively, and return to a natural state of clarity of vision.

This obviously does not mean just physical wellness but a vision that is complete and clear. It is accepting ourselves and everyone and every happening around us as it is. In a sense, it is leading a life with what is called Sakshi Bhava (observing happenings just as a witness) in Sanskrit and not getting stressed about anything at all, whether in personal life or anything at all.

Naturally, a person including me, with any kind of difficulty is bound to be stressed and/or depressed. This is not rocket science but common sense. Since there was no option but metaphysics, I did try my best to heal using the metaphysical approach I had learnt.

My vision healed completely through this approach and I do recommend it to all, whether or not they have a health challenge.

My journey of healing completely through a mish mash of therapies, the primary one of which is acupuncture has now been chronicled.

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