Histology of healing

cellsHistology is a subject taught to all science students, especially those who study biology and medicine.   it is the study of the microscopic  anatomy of cells and tissues found in plants and animals.

Another diagnostic tool is histopathology that studies diseased tissue. These are powerful techniques but with this being the case, where do we go for solutions were we are detected with an ailment?

This is where very often, as of today, conventional medicine does not have a solution and we need to understand how to harness the power of the spirit and/or the mind as this is indeed the most powerful and complete solution which can not just cure the ailment but transform our lives.

We need to know the body itself can never heal unless we give it a command to begin healing. This command cannot be given by anyone else but our own self.  No doctor, no technique can help unless we begin believing we can indeed heal ourselves. For this, we first need to divorce ourselves from the so called ailment that has been diagnosed and we keep telling ourselves. We could begin by considering cells as miniature human beings. If junk food is bad for the physical body, negative thoughts is detrimental for the mind and soul. Perhaps this is more detrimental than mere junk food for thoughts stay for a longer time, sometimes causing more problems to us in our physical, emotional and spiritual life.

Instead, let us rebuild our own selves.  This is entirely in our control. Each cell can indeed slowly re-emerge as completely fine if we keep feeding it positive thoughts and affirmations. This is fortunately very powerful as the spirit is indeed very powerful and we can make it the ‘boss’ in our lives.

Let us always remember this and rebuild our lives steadily and forcefully.


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