How can we stop the crazy happenings in the world?

annefrank'There are some books that need to be read, re-read and pondered upon. One such book is the Diary of Anne Frank, written by the young Holocaust victim during the time when the Jews, the community she belonged to, were subjected to all kinds of injustice and killed in the more grotesque manner in Germany and its allied nations.

“If a Christian makes a mistake, it is one Christian. When a Jew makes a mistake, it is all Jews. Why is the world so crazy?” she asks in her diary, among many other questions and observations during her time.

Now, in the current era and depending on where we are residing, the name of communities may have changed but many of the questions remain the same.

When X,Y,Z  person of community A,B,C does something, we ignore it as something that is the mistake of one person and nothing to do with the community. However, when the same thing is done by a community where we already have a preconceived notion, the mistake is that of the entire community.

Why community? It could apply to a gender, profession, area or anything we “classify” as something of one type. This kind of attitude is only bound to make us take the wrong decisions and make us get into a mob mentality of some kind. We may think it is not important what we think but let us be clear that this is very important as

Just because 99% say something, it does not make it right. Percentages have never been about being right.  It is just about being in the group that is currently the so-called victor or the one in power. As we know, this situation may  change anytime.

What never changes are the right principles.

As far as we are concerned, unless we stop questioning the actions of whichever group we may happen to belong to, we shall be a group of sheep and certainly not thinking individuals.

By remaining thinking individuals, we are more likely to take the right decisions, for ourselves and by extension for the community, nation and indeed the world.

We may say this human nature is such that may never happen. Evidently, it is so as currently we have made human nature to be one of a mob mentality and the sheep mentality. If we change this approach, the world will indeed change. When this happens, thinking children like Anne will not need to ask, “why is the world so crazy?”

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