In MS, labels don’t matter, we do

excessivethinkingA Tamil Proverb says, “Excess of even nectar is poison”. In most areas, especially in the area of health and wellness, this is what is happening today. Everyone knows about all the technical medical terms without the basics in place. They may not know basic biology but would know all the jargons used by super specialists.

Almost everyone browses the internet as soon as they are diagnosed with any illness, minor or major. This actually tends to give more energy to the thought that one is sick, making us feel despondent and depressed.

In the area of an ailment whose cause and cure is not known like MS, this is even more so. The moment get a diagnosis of this ailment, those who were feeling a bit confused earlier, now are even more confused. They start analysing all the labels, research and statistics of the ailment.

Personally. I was detected with MS in 2006. I looked for solutions like many of us do. Fortunately, I have been successful is finding a panacea through alternatives, primarily acupuncture.

Still, whenever I meet any other person who has also been diagnosed with this ailment, the question they ask is “Are you RRMS (Relapsing-remitting MS, SPMS( Secondary-progressive MS) or PPMS(Primary-progressive MS), as if it is something like my height or weight that I need to remember always.

As such, these classifications and names do keep changing all the time. This is only for the reference of the doctors or neurologists. Why should we take the trouble of remembering these labels or tags?

All we need to remember that each of us is unique and should not succumb to labels, tags or statistics.

Why we do need to do is to do our best in the area of fitness in the area of the body, mind and spirit. This shall energize us and we shall indeed lead a complete life.

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