Is life always logical?

Very often, we think that life is logical. It actually is usually never logical. It is beautiful, inspiring but not really logical all the time.

grace2In each area, we are much more powerful than we can ever imagine.  The same power we can use or misuse, and the results are equally potent.  We can learn this lesson not just from stalwarts but from people all around us.

The most potent message came to me from someone I knew personally and had the privilege of living with. My late mother-in-law was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthiritis even before her marriage. In the era of India that was prevalent then, no one ever imagined she would get married, let alone bear children. Grace intervened. My late father-in-law was introduced to the family by a common friend who asked him to ‘see’ her in the parlance of those days to consider marrying her. Now, if we think logically, this was the most illogical alliance that could ever be suggested. My father-in-law himself had lost his mother early in life and his father was straddling his many children all alone with the help of all his elder children, of which my father-in-law was the eldest. The marriage however did take place and my mother-in-law was a mother-figure to her brothers-in-law and also had nine children of her own, of which the youngest was my husband. She was also the most amazing grandmother to the brood of grandchildren she had later. All this look place only because she never gave too much importance to what she called the irritants in her life.  Life too responded by blessing her all that she ever wished for.  The fact is, she lead a complete life because she only focussed on all that she could do and not her aches and pains.

She was and is the primary role model for me. When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I was depressed but knew God will either show me a path to heal or equip me to handle whatever issues I may have. Once I started following her approach, I accepted I had a challenge that I needed to cope with and truly, it did not seem like a big deal.  I continued doing all that I was doing with only minor adjustments in the routine, just as my late mother-in-law used to do, I am certain that along with the complementary therapies that have restored my life as it was to me, it was  following her attitude that played a major role in my recovery.

So, yes, life fortunately does defy logic and move forward with the strength of the spirit many times.

I have now shared my experience of healing in a book to let people know they too can heal from whatever issue they may have.

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