Is life designed to be serendipitous?

universeSerendipity is one of my favourite words. To me, it means the manifests the engineering of the world as the universe, whether we call the engineering to be done by a higher power, higher consciousness or the Divine.

We do often feel we are making all the decisions in our life.  When we look more deeply, we will realise that there are many aspects involved in every step, whether it is people or events. This often is taken to mean that everything is predestined.  It really is not so. Life is a fusion of what we wish to have, how we go about getting it and how we handle all the so called obstacles on the way. Yes, it is not that the path is always as we wish it ought to be, but if we observe all that we can learn through the path that is shown to us, life becomes an adventure as it was always meant to be.

For instance, a senior teacher who regularly teaches holistic living in schools told me something quite interesting. He said that a few years back, he met with a minor accident and hence, he could no longer do all the asanas and teach them as he was doing earlier. Instead of stopping the classes, he now focusses on pranayama and nutritional guidance. Since he also knew  therapies like acupressure and sujok, he teaches that too to the students. Now, his class has become even more popular than before. Many people with ailments have also started taking his guidance. In a sense, his life has become enriched through a minor setback as he just looked for a different direction and path. He views his accident as a serendipitous event that made him a teacher and healer.

There are millions of such people all around us, who view life as a series of opportunities of various hues.  When something goes wrong, they just change the direction and start following a new path.

This is really why I consider life itself as a series of serendipitous events. We do not know the design, but if viewed positively, there are always opportunities for all of us.


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