Karma and Grace

When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006, I was totally distraught at first.  This happened not just because of what was happening in my physical body, but actually more because of what was happening in the mind. Reading about it on the internet and the issues people faced made me more confused than ever before.

karmaandgraceIt was then I switched off my mind from all the statistics, and details of what can go wrong but tried my best to focus only on the positive stories that I had heard about from various sources and even seen in my own life.  In fact, I believe God had protectively arranged my life in such a way that I would face minimal hassle in the world.

On the personal front, all my relationships were robust. My family and friends was extremely supportive. My husband was a pillar of strength and support and knew I would overcome this so called dreaded ailment. So much so, the children never knew something drastic was diagnosed. They continued leading their life as per their normal routine and so did I.  This was not denial but acceptance of the situation as just a challenge.

At the same time, serendipity had taken me to writing for Life Positive, though I was a computer professional earlier. This was a space that I needed to be in at that point as I was given a stream of support and inspiration all the time. I was exposed to a variety of alternate therapies and success stories through Life Positive and was certain there would be something that would work for me. Yes, there certainly was a solution.It was a combination of various things, the primary one of which is acupuncture, in my case. However, more than the therapies alone, I gradually understood that we had to work on our minds to make our body function better.My journey has been documented in my book, Dancing with Life, Living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Essentially, I have understood that it was grace that cushioned me through all my travails which we in the Eastern world call karma.

Earlier, I would thank God but very mechanically, but after I become aware that karma and grace go together, I deeply and emotionally pay my gratitude to Him all the time.

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