Laws, laws and laws

lawsMy twenty four year old son shared with me recently that he does not consider it a duty to look after his parents but he would definitely want to do this as he loves his parents. “Nothing should be forced upon anyone as then then it never really works in the proper way,” he mused and then talked about various issues like gender stereotypes, societal ills and then about laws that are made to subdue the problem and not correct it.

For instance, when sex determination tests are legal all over the world but not in India, does it not show that we as a society are still grappling with complete acceptance of both genders? If this is the case, will just banning these tests shape the society to become an equal space for all? When we know there is an issue there, we need to address people’s mindsets and not impose a law to keep the issue under wraps. For if these tests are banned, either doctors who practise these tests illegally or quacks will operate for sure. Apart from these tests, if there are no tests, a child may be born in a home where she is most unwelcome.  There may be many views on whether this test should be allowed or not, but the fact is that despite women doing all or perhaps more than what a man can do, she still needs to be accepted as an equal in a world with a patriarchal mindset.

This fact is applicable to all areas of life, be it corruption, inefficiency and other aspects of our work life and personal issues like marriage, divorce, and laws like the prevention of dowry that has always been there but never enforced completely as the society has not changed to support it.

Society will change only when we as individuals change as we create the society and are not created by society.

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