Leading a complete life despite MS (multiple sclerosis)

hopeOne of the hardest things for all of us to understand is to be completely open with our feelings. When feelings are not acknowledged and handled, it becomes all the more difficult to ever resolve them.

Some time ago physically, I was at a stage where many things that were very easy for me earlier became a challenge because of multiple sclerosis. I tried many options. Some of them worked temporarily, some just did not and some even boomeranged. I decided to give it all a break and learn to accept that I may always have MS as part of my life.

More than all the physical issues, minor or major that I had to face because of MS, the worst were the emotional ones. I kept thinking “Why me? What did I do wrong? What will happen next?”, so on and so forth.

The power of the mind is such that even we can overcome anything if we perceive them as minor obstacles or sink into depression at the slightest pretext. Even when people show concern, we may develop some kind of annoyance, irritation or the worst malaise of all, self-pity.

I worked on my mind, using meditation, affirmations and the most underrated virtue, expressing gratitude for what I had and could do.

It is said things happen when you least expect them to. Perhaps because my mind had become better equipped to handle challenges, things did begin unfolding positively. Today, I can say I have actually overcome MS (multiple sclerosis) through acupressure, acupuncture, yoga and diet. I do not whether to call it grace, a miracle, or as many allopaths may say, permanent remission. Whatever the terminology or semantics, the important aspect is that I am leading what I would call a complete life and MS has no control over me.

This can actually take place in everyone’s life if we give least importance to the ailment. We need to handle it of course. This just means doing everything that we can do and not think too much about what could happen next.

In fact, when MS is so uncertain as per the current medical research, why don’t we look at it as something that could perhaps be always in remission? When we think this would be the case, it is much more likely to happen as we shall lead our lives in a positive manner, never giving up on hope or life itself.

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