Let MS not turn us into hypochondriacs

hypochondriaOne of the diseases that is most prevalent today in the whole world is “hypochondria”. Even young people discuss cholesterol and BMI without realizing that all they need to do is to lead as normal a life as possible without obsessing about the state of their health.

When I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) in 2006,  the main thing I grappled with was the barrage of information on it, some from people and mostly from the internet. The point is, MS is an ailment which has all kinds of symptoms; some patients may have issues in walking, some in bladder and bowel control, some in speech, some in vision. Again, the degree varies in each and every individual. The Internet of course is full of all kinds of multiple sclerosis, classifying them into various types.

Treatments attempt to return function after an attack, prevent new attacks, and prevent disability. This again works for some people while it does not work for others. Hence, the research is still being done on how to at least prevent further attacks. As of now, the medication given is also not entirely effective. I do not mean to say that the medications are totally ineffective neither do I wish to get into any medical discussion. I have done it earlier but soon realized this is of no use at all and I did not want to become a hypochondriac. What I wish to convey is that all over the world, people are becoming excessively knowledgeable about ailments and medical terminology without having the fundamentals in place.

I have never been on medication as allopathy has no solution as of now and I did not and do not want to become a guinea pig.

Fortunately, complementary therapies have worked for me.

I do not recommend my path to everyone as people have to make the choices themselves. What I do, recommend very strongly, however, to everyone, whether they have an ailment or not, is not to become hypochondriacs. The only effect it can have is to make our health condition and life itself worse


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    The problem is that there is a surfeit of info on the net, & too often the MS Patient or the Care Giver, read everything and absorb all.
    Basically MS effects various nerves within the body, and all our nerves end at the brain, or begin from there. So, if we keep our mind clear the negative effect will be less, more mentally & emotionally and somewhat physically also, not-withstanding the medication one is on.

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