Let us belittle MS

“Do not belittle MS” is a statement I have heard ever so often from people grappling with it. Even in the area of employment, there are some people who do NOT want to take this up because they feel they cannot do a good job.


I am neither a doctor nor do I claim to have a universal solution to all. What I do firmly believe is that we can improve only if we wish ardently to become better. This does not mean everybody should take up a job. This is entirely upto them. They can if they wish to or do whatever else they wish to do.

The point is, let us NOT look for sympathy or pity or any kind of condescending behavior. If we do try to get this sort of attitude, we will get it, of course. However, let us remember with pity, we can never hope to be part of the mainstream.  This will of course result in us really not being able to do anything of value.

Though there are some who give up, in my observation and experience with MS, I have come across many survivors and fighters too. There are some who have run the marathon faithfully and even travelled all over the world. I do not mean to imply MS is a pretty situation to be in. It is not. Still, one can combat it to a great extent. This of course, is entirely upto us. Nobody can make this happen. There are contributing factors like one’s family and friends and of course, doctors. Still, the driving factor is always oneself. The world indeed does respond as we wish it to respond, no matter what the circumstances.

I would like to remind people that we should never give up control over our life to something as petty as an ailment, however complicated it may be.

Essentially, we must remember that If we wish to add value, then we must stay from pity and look around to create value. Believe me, it is possible if one never gives up and does not focus only on MS. In other words, let us learn to belittle MS.

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