Let us not die living

With extended family..
With extended family..

Those of us with MS or any-so called incurable ailment feel that the challenge we face is  most insurmountable, most difficult.

This is really not true. There are several people combating various challenges. Some are  more difficult, some seem to be simpler.

The fact however is, that each challenge, when addressed can only make us stronger and more powerful. The only other option one has is only to despair.

A poem I read recently on my editor’s FB page, conveys just the kind of prayer that we all need, not just those with an ailment, but actually, all human beings..


Break in me whatever needs to be broken.

Fix my hope of ever being fixed.

Use me. Draw every ounce of creativity out of me. Help me live a radically unique life, forever forging a never-before-trodden path in the forest.

Show me how to love more deeply than I ever thought possible.

Whatever I am still turning away from, keep shoving in my face.

Whatever I am still at war with, help me soften towards, relax into, fully embrace.

Where my heart is still closed, show me a way to open it without violence.

Where I am still holding on, help me let go.

Give me challenges and struggles and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, if that will bring an even deeper humility and trust in the intelligence of life.

Help me laugh at my own seriousness.

Allow me to find the humour in the dark places.

Show me a profound sense of rest in the midst of the storm.

Don’t spare me from the truth. Ever.

Let gratitude be my guide.

Let forgiveness be my mantra.

Let this moment be a constant companion.

Let me see your face in every face.

Let me feel your warm presence in my own presence.

Hold me when I stumble.

Breathe me when I cannot breathe.

Let me die living, not live dying.


The last line especially is extremely relevant and necessary for all of us.

Let us all live life to the hilt and NOT live dying.

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  1. Kaleem

    Great Jamuna ji, really liked the saying ” let us not die living”……… Anyone suffering from various ailments poses huge challenges for the caregivers….. If the sufferer is optimist, and showing will power to recover like you did, it gives the caregivers a lot of hope and strength to deal with the situation. God bless you with best of health……

  2. Vasu

    Yes Jamuna truly well said. Spiritual healing is a must to hasten Physical healing & sustain
    Ultimately its Power of Positive Thinking & Attitude for Wholesome Well being. Yes Jamuna that signature line “Let me die living, not live dying” is profoundly topical
    Bless u Jamuna in all ur endeavours Love Vasu

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