Life with MS : Turning Points

Most of my turning points have come from reading. The article “Karma and Grace” that Suma Varughese, the editor of Life Positive, had written a few years back, was something that was a tonic for me. I had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis then and had developed a disease that was even worse, “self-pity”.


Suma brings out how while one may need to face one’s karma, one is always cushioned by God’s grace with strength to handle it. This article made me “turn around” and focus on God’s grace that was giving me many things to be grateful for.  I had a wonderful family, friends and a dream career that made me focus on personal growth.

Like most of us with multiple sclerosis, the primary issue I had at that stage was that of mobility.

It was then that I read  “Tough Times Don’t Last But Tough People Do” by Robert Schuller. The book talks about how one should never give up on life and do one’s best in all areas, whatever one’s challenges might be. An episode the author mentioned in the book seemed almost as if it was written for me. The author’s  daughter, Carol Schuller, had met with a motor  cycle accident and his father, though a pastor, did not know what to say to her, when she said, “I know why it has happened , father. God wants to use me to help others who have been hurt.”

I told myself that I needed to make myself strong emotionally and spiritually not just for myself but also to show others with multiple sclerosis or other ailments to focus on what they can do and not on what they cannot do.

With this acceptance, I found that there was practically nothing that I could not do.

Soon, complimentary therapies restored me to complete physical fitness too. Perhaps, I needed to go through this journey to make me stronger emotionally and spiritually.

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