Life with MS

Very often, people refuse to believe I am leading a purposeful life, despite MS.

victory2For me, acupuncture has been a miracle. For others, it may something else. The fact is, if there is a problem, there is a solution too.

I do not claim I aim to run the Olympics. This has never been my aim anyhow. I was never an athletic kind of person even before I was diagnosed with MS. Now, I do take care of my fitness levels by walking and doing yoga but do not go overboard.

MS, as we all know, has several kinds of levels and classifications. However, surely, we cannot achieve anything if we just despair. We have to combat it. For this, we need to maintain a minimum fitness routine. This is even more essential to us than others who may not have a health challenge. This routine involves all aspects of life.

We may or may not be able to be hundred percent physically fit but still one can surely find a purpose in life. We may teach, we may read, we may sing, we may write, we may help others without aiming for anything in return. This in fact, is more of a complete life than minting dollars or focusing only on our own self.

In my case, I aim to lead a complete life, being helpful and compassionate to everyone I come across. I truly believe that this is only purpose in life. Surely, MS or any ailment is not a deterrent in having this kind of attitude and outlook to life. When we reach out to others, our circle expands. We have more friends and people who look forward to our presence. We feel wanted and this itself is a panacea for any challenge.  Slowly but surely, our focus to life itself changes automatically. We stop thinking about our problems but start thinking about the problems or challenges of others. In the process, we start realizing that being diagnosed with MS or any other ailment is not the end of the world.

Instead of victims, we then become victors in the cycle of life.

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