Many Gods or one God

manygodsVery often, we Hindus are asked why we have many deities and even hold weapons. “Are Gods not supposed to be peaceful” is a question that is asked often. The fact is, although peace is something people desire, the journey of life is such that one traverses through many paths before true inner peace sets in. Everywhere, we need to identify ourselves with someone.

This is why we are shown such images. The fact is our human mind often succumbs to fear. In a sense, fear is the primary enemy of wellness of the body, mind and spirit. It is due to the conditioned mind set to see the God with powerful weapons to protect from evil forces..

For instance, when we are chased by a street dog for unknown reasons and if somebody is there around with a stick then we tend to run and stand behind that person to save us from that chasing dog. He may or may not protect us but we look at him as a protector. ¬†Similarly it’s nothing but the mind set of the devotees to visualise their God holding powerful weapons to protect them from demons and evil forces. As we know our fears are more of imagination than reality and in order to overcome this inherent defect it needs such powerful divine fallback to continue their life journey in faith and peace.

This makes the soul believe that all will be well and we continue on our life path to the best of our ability.

When we understand all of life, including one God, many Gods or our own self as a God, we shall surely be absolutely comfortable in the journey of life for we are after all from the same source, whatever we may call it.

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