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As some of you may know, I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), an ailment that many people do not know the cause or cure for. Wikepedia of course defines it as an auto-immune disorder, in which  the nerves endings lose connection with the body.

Naturally, when I was diagnosed in 2006, I was devastated. “Why me ?” was my first reaction. Among many other things, people, even some doctors said MS was rare in India. However, friends, it is NOT rare in India at all. Anyhow, how does it matter whether there are three people with MS, three hundred or three million ? We only need to try and find solutions, and find a new way of looking at life.

In the process of actually getting better and finding solutions, I realised that what we all need is hope. Hope that there is a world despite MS, hope that we can indeed  lead a complete life,.

MS does give us a challenge of dealing with uncertainty. Yes, this is true. However, the fact is,my friends, if life with MS is uncertain, we must know that life itself is uncertain for everybody. We just need to never give in to despair.

Of course, along with hope, we need to see the developments made in research, only what we need to know, progressive research, no negative or regressive research.

While theories abound, no clear understanding has yet emerged as to what causes or how to cure multiple sclerosis, an auto-immune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks the protective myelin sheath surrounding nerve fibers in the brain and spine. Symptoms of multiple sclerosis include muscle weakness and stiffness, balance and coordination problems, numbness and vision disturbances.

I would like to share the story of a gentleman who has healed radically, in fact, one can say cured due to homeopathy and turmeric after reading that that curcumin, a compound found in turmeric  may block the progression of multiple sclerosis.

I am not sharing the details of the research as I do believe too much of information on the disease tends to clog the brain and makes us obsess over our ailment.

I shall share only the information that you need to know.

Strengthen yourself with turmeric

Obtain the root of turmeric – buy it or grow it.

Boil one inch in water

Drink it up

Is this not simple ?  Just do it, people. It is good for everyone, not just those who have been diagnosed with an ailment.

For me, of course, acupuncture has actually made me lead a completely independent life. Now, I  am even regular in my fitness routine than I ever was.

Without putting down allopathy, I would request everyone to explore alternatives. People, do not pump your body with medication or surgery that are yet to be proven. When there is a proven cure found in allopathy, we could attempt it but until then, do not become guinea pigs.

Remember, if there is a problem, there has to be a solution too.

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