Mooladhara and security

What really is feeling grounded ? Let us understand this by observing and connecting with the people around us.

When we connect with others, we shall see that almost everyone around us seems to be having similar troubles in becoming a happy, loving being.

With this, we shall automatically understand that continuous happiness of the nature we were dreaming of, is probably not realistic except when we choose to tread the arduous journey of realising our own Self.

At a slightly lower level than this, however, something or many things we can do to find ourselves  only makes us depressed  and never satisfied. Let us put the energy that we now put into the up-and-down hour-by-hour coping with our feelings that we earlier had to shift our focus to be loving, serene, effective, and happy internally. This is one and only thing that then percolates to others.

Here, we could however set the highest imaginable standards of love, serenity, peace, wisdom, effectiveness, and continuous happiness for our life.  With this, we begin our journey into higher consciousness.

Let us begin understanding ourselves completely. Why do we have lives filled with turmoil, desperation, and anxiety?  Why are we always pushing ourselves and others?  Why do we have only small dribbles of peace, love, and happiness?  Why is it that human beings are characterized by bickering and turmoil that make animals’ relationships with their own species seem peaceful in comparison?  The answer is actually extremely simple, still often difficult for us to really understand because almost every way we were taught to work toward happiness only reinforces the feelings and activities that make us unhappy.

This is an important point that we all must strive to understand.  The ways we were taught to be happy can’t possibly work.  Unless we see this point clearly, we cannot progress to higher consciousness.

Each of chakras are part of us and we need to give each of them utmost respect to progress spiritually. As we need to make the base perfect, we have to throw all garbage from our base chakra, the mooladhara or root chakra that signifies feeling secure.

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