MS is a big deal only if we give it all the power

“I am really not happy about people blogging, writing and sharing their experiences of trying to lead a normal life despite being diagnosed with an ailment as dreadful as MS (multiple sclerosis). This makes people think it so big deal when it actually is,“ a person I met recently told me.  She kept talking about various stages of MS and what it could lead to. She said she has read about many people leading a tough life because of MS.


When I shared what I knew about people who were indeed leading a complete life despite MS, she kept saying it is a progressive ailment that is bound to get worse with time.

The same could of course, be said, about any ailment, be it diabetes, asthma, cancer or even common flu. The fact is, if we think we are going to get worse, we will. If, however, we feel we shall become better, again this will indeed happen. This does not mean the disease will vanish. What will happen is the control the disease has over us and our life will cease.  This is true of all ailments and indeed life itself.

The fact is, as we grow older, we are bound to become weaker physically. This is basic biology. We cannot reverse aging, however many wellness creams we may apply. In the area of the body, all we can do is to remain as active as we can.

We do however, have complete control over our emotions and this is the one thing we can surely strengthen. When this happens, the body too responds accordingly. It adapts itself to new circumstances and does all that is humanly possible.

This is the law of nature. We change, adapt and survive.

Whether survival means mere existence or doing all that we wish to do is entirely upto us.

Nobody can ever take away this choice from us, people. Let us always remember this.

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