Mudras for Multiple Sclerosis

Mudras, a little known science is something that can be beneficial to all of us. Learn it and practise, whether or not you have multiple sclerosis.

 Apana Vayu Mudra

Apana Vayu Mudra

Some time back, my friend forty year old Suresh Pandit (name changed) who had multiple sclerosis (MS) some years ago told me I should explore the theory of mudras.  He shared with me that he had gone for a root canal procedure  to the dentist and was stuck with trigeminal neuralgia that caused him excruciating pain. Later, he learnt it  was because of the MS that he had earlier. This was confirmed when he read that Trigeminal Neuralgia does occur in young adults who had contracted multiple sclerosis earlier.

Fortunately, he came across Dr Dhiren Gala who taught him to do the Apana Vayu Mudra.  He regularly does this and the excruciating pain that he had just vanished in two weeks. Apart from the pain reducing, his general fitness became much better. Now, mudras are a part of Suresh’s life.

This mudra is a combination of the mudras Apana and Vayu. Vayu mudra is formed by placing the index finger at the base of the thumb. Apana mudra is formed by touching the thumb tip to the middle and ring finger.

The benefits of this mudra is that

  • Blood circulation improves
  • Constipation is cured
  • Headaches due to lack of sleep and mental stress are relieved.
  • This mudra cures paralysis, arthiritis, parkinsons and paralysis.

One that is recommended for multiple sclerosis is Gyan Mudra.

Gyan Mudra or the Vayu Vardhak mudra is formed by joining the tip of index finger and the thumb, as shown in the image above.

This mudra increases the air element in the body which sharpens our mind and has positive effect on our emotions. The benefits of this mudra are

  1. Tendons and veins become strong
  2. Mental power becomes stronger
  3. There is a positive effect on emotions
  4. Facilitates movement of electric impulses along nerves
  5. Empowers the pituitary gland and the entire endocrine glands
  6. Empowers the muscles, both voluntary and involuntary
  7. Disorders of the nervous system are rectified
  8. Degeneration of the retina and optic atrophy is rectified

It also facilitates movements of electrical impulses along nerves, empowers the pituitary gland and, thereby, the entire system of endocrine glands, empowers muscles, both voluntary and involuntary, empowers the vocal cords and the voice, empowers the heart.

This can be practiced three times a day for fifteen minutes each or for forty five minutes any time of the day. I do this during my walk in the evening and for ten minutes in the morning during my morning meditation. It has certainly made me feel much better, energized and more calm. I do the apana vayu mudra also before sleeping the night and find this also extremely beneficial.


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