Overcoming MS to find meaning in life

The word ‘Satsang’ is often used in Eastern traditions, and quite often in India. Its meaning can be interpreted as a prayer meeting or a meeting of like minded souls motivating each other in the journey of life.

smilesPersonally, I consider Satsang to be a place which gives me meaning in life. It could be in a crowded local train which has women exchanging and sharing space to help each other. It could be a beach or park where people play and encourage all children to take part in a game. It could be an auto rickshaw driver going a long way to pick up an old lady who seems to be waiting for a long time despite having prospective clients right next to him. When we keep observing these kind of  Satsangs all around us, life itself seems to full of good deeds and many satsangs.

As far as reading goes, I discovered the true meaning of Satsang and faith in my life through a Christian book, “Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do”, by Robert Schuller. In the book, the author quotes his 17 year old daughter, Carol Schuller who had met with a motorcycle accident, has a fake leg put into her and then goes to attend an event with her family. There, she comes on stage and says in a speech, “I look at you girls who walk without a limp, and I wish I could walk that way. I can’t, but this is what I’ve learned, and I want to leave it with you: It’s not how you walk that counts, but who walks with you and who you walk with.”

To those of us who have been diagnosed with an ailment like multiple sclerosis, I think Carol Schuller’s attitude and learning is extremely relevant. In life, it truly does not matter how we walk though we sometimes think that is the be all and end all of life.

What matters is who we walk with and what memories we leave behind for our co passengers and the world.

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