Overdiagnosis – the new mantra of health?

diagnosisIn today’s world, even in places as seemingly harmless as a ladies clubs, people have begun to discuss health and what kind of tests that we all should undertake.

Here, with modern technology and many players playing a role in promoting themselves, the new mantra for wellness seems to be medicines, tests and more tests. In fact, today one of the easiest ways to make money is  not working on making better devices or drugs. It is working on the market for existing drugs and devices by expanding the indication to include more patients. Similarly, for hospitals, the easiest way to make money isn’t to deliver better care; it’s to recruit new patients. Here, screening patients for a battery of tests does end up in not one but many recruits. This is perhaps one of the most successful recruitment drives that is currently running in the world. The simplest explanation for its success is that the medical world and even, public health communities have systematically exaggerated the benefits of early detection and downplayed (or completely ignored) its harms.

There is a complex web of root causes here. Some of it is about money; some of it is about true belief of diagnosis is extremely important. There is also the the legal asymmetry doctors face: while they are punished for underdiagnosis, they are never punished for overdiagnosis.

When it comes to ailments like the one I was diagnosed with, multiple sclerosis, what helped me most of all was looking for solutions while not succumbing to more tests  as soon as I got to know that allopathy does not have a solution as of now.

I did find solutions that have completely healed me and shall be eternally grateful for this.

However, I would also like to also emphasise that these worked because I consciously worked on my body, mind and spirit and did not put the cart before the horse as many people tend to do when faced with challenges that do not have a clear answer.

In my case, the answer has always been try to do your best and leave the rest. This attitude is a truism for for everyone always.

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