Patients require patience to heal from multiple sclerosis (MS)

patienceWhen people ask me what one needs to do to try acupuncture, my answer is very simple. We need patience, more than anything else. This is the area in which many people give up. In my case, acupressure and acupuncture have given me excellent results. My acupuncture doctor had told me in the beginning itself that acupuncture takes time to show results. He made me understand that I should develop patience and not expect instant results. I have now understood the veracity of his statement as I am now doing all that I never thought would have been possible earlier.

In fact, one of the virtues that is not spoken about today is ‘patience’ in a world of quick fix solutions. The etymology of the English word patience, is from from Latin patientia, a derivative of pati “to suffer”. This was one of the virtue names coined by the Puritans in the 17th century.

‘Patients’ also has the same root. To suffer in the context of ‘patients’  is the quality of being willing to bear adversities, calm endurance of pain, essentially not giving up quickly.

Now,  if we have an ailment with multiple sclerosis, we do indeed have issues to combat. These issues, as most people know, are diverse for different people. What we do retain however is to choose our attitude. This is one quality that always remains with us.

We can choose to feel sorry for ourselves, live in a shell or be jealous of everyone else in the world. The other option, however is to combat it. We may not be able to do all that we could do earlier. We can however, do many things to shape our world.

As far as the physical body is concerned, we should aim to have a minimum fitness routine. When it comes to fitness, one does need ‘patience’ to remain healthy. If one goes to the gym, of course, there are aches and pains. If one does yoga, the same is the case. The same is true for any fitness routine. Still, one does persevere or ‘suffer’ to remain in good shape.

As far the mind is concerned, we have the power to build or re-build our relationships. This does surely make the other person feel better and as a byproduct, make us feel better too. The reason on us feeling better is the focus is on the other and not ourselves.

As far as the spirit is concerned, we need to know that it is the human spirit’s character to be brave and fight. Most of us do not understand this. In fact, out of suffering have emerged the bravest souls. In fact, the most courageous characters have been shaped by suffering.

Let us remember that all of us need to develop ‘patience’ to lead a complete life.

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