Playing a good game with MS in the cycle of life

We all know that there are several layers in life, just like a multi layered pudding.

When one is diagnosed with an ailment like MS, since there is a lot of uncertainty even among the doctors, it is important that we understand all the layers completely.


First, there is the physical layer, the body that responds to exercise, diet and a regular pattern of life. When there is a lack of balance or sickness, this layer responds to medicines, natural or otherwise. Even when one returns to wellness, one needs to continue to nurture it with a balanced lifestyle.

The next layer that is even more powerful than the first layer is the layer of the mind. Today, even all doctors agree that this is an extremely important layer that determines how a person responds or does not respond even to medicines and sometimes, surgery. In fact, some diseases are even termed psycho-somatic because of a pattern of negative thinking that makes it impossible to get better. The layer of the mind, if attuned to always thinking that one can do anything in life, does indeed make this happen.

The layer above both of these is the spiritual layer or the karmic layer. One can call it acceptance of the cards that life has dealt us or acceptance of one’s karma.   The fact is even here, one needs to believe that this can indeed change.

The karmic cycle is in fact, dynamic and never static. Things do change with positive thought, affirmations and positive action.

By attuning all these layers and not neglecting any of them, one can indeed lead a life that is wholesome and complete. In other words, whatever the circumstances, miracles do indeed happen if one believes in them.

In sum, whatever ‘cards’ one is dealt with, one can either improve on them or go down further. This indeed is the cycle of life.

Let us learn to play a good game in this cycle of life, despite MS and never give up our power in our life.

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