Practice what you preach


gandhi3There are some people from whom we can never stop learning lessons. The oft repeated quote of Mahatma Gandhi  where he says “Be the change you want to see in this world” is powerful because he himself showed his in action.

Gandhi’s life also shows us how he took every little request seriously. During the 1930’s, a young boy had become obsessed with eating a lot of sugar. His mother was very upset with this. But no matter how much she scolded him and tried to break his habit, he continued to satisfy his sweet tooth. Being totally frustrated, she decided to take her son to see Mahatma Gandhi who was the boy’s idol. She had to walk many miles across the country, for hours under scorching sun to finally reach Gandhi’s ashram. There, she recounted her

difficult journey and asked him to ask her son to stop eating sugar

Gandhi listened to the woman carefully, thought for a while and replied, “Please come back after two weeks. I will talk to your son.”

The women looked confused. Then she took the boy by the hand and went home. She made the long journey home and went there again after two weeks as Gandhi requested. When they arrived, Gandhi looked directly at the boy and said, “Boy, you should stop eating sugar. It is not good for your health.”

The boy nodded and promised he would not continue this habit any longer. The boy’s mother was puzzled and asked him why he had not said this earlier.

Gandhi smiled and whispered in her ears, “At that time I was not qualified to advise the little one. Because I too, was same like him, eating a lot of sugar myself two weeks ago.

We may feel this story is too petty for a cause like demonetisation, black money, corruption and so on but the fact the world is created through small steps.

In the brou-ha-ha of demonetisation, I am certain he would have personally declared all his assets before asking others to do so which is something none of its proponents are willing to do.

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