Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis

acupuncturePeople have often asked me what was the key factor that helped me heal or get cured from multiple sclerosis.

I am also asked often how I am sure it will not return again. To this, I can only say I know I am leading a perfectly healthy life now and have not had any issue for quite some time. As far as certainty is concerned, I think the only certainty is uncertainty in the journey of life. So, the only thing we all need to do is accept uncertainty as a part of life.

As far as my recovery/healing from multiple sclerosis goes, this has primarily been because of acupuncture and the attitude of the doctor, Dr SS Rawal, who was the first one who administered acupuncture to me and convinced me that I would indeed improve with time. In other words, he made me hold on, wait for results and motivated me to a great extent.

As he is also open to share all the acupuncture points that help in multiple sclerosis, I would also like to share them with everyone to get the help they need from an acupuncturist they can go to.

Bladder functions

Most people with multiple sclerosis face this issue and hence this needs to be handled. As far as acupuncture points go, one should select from ; DU20, DU3, REN4, UB32, UB28, SP6, SP9, ST36, UB40, K3.

Stress management

Stress is something which attacks everyone when they are in a situation over which they have no control. Multiple sclerosis or any so called incurable disease is bound to come with a great deal of stress packed in it. As far as acupuncture points go, one should select from DU20, EX6,H7, UB15, UB62, EAR SHENMEN.


This can be handled with this point. As far as acupuncture points go, one should select from DU14, ST36, SP6, LI11, REN6.

Optic nerve

This is again a common issue in the case of multiple sclerosis. It can surely be handled with his point. As far as acupuncture points go, one should select from DU20, GB20,ST1, EX4, UB2, GB14, EX2, LI4, SI6, LI5, GB37, UB18, SP6, LIV3..


This is usually an issue with most MS patients. As far as acupuncture points go, one should select from UB37, UB57, GB34, ST32.

As multiple sclerosis is a neurological ailment, scalp acupuncture is also required. The points are to be selected from motor area sensory area, foot motor sensory area and other scalp acupuncture points, according to signs and symptoms.

Please note : Accurate reading by pulse diagnosis or by meridian health analysis does lead to better acupuncture point selection. The above is only a guide.

We must know it takes some time for the points to show results so patience is something that is required from anyone who wishes to heal.

Further, along with acupuncture or even any other therapy one is trying, it important that we work on our attitude, general fitness routine and look at all aspects of life. This can be done only by us and no one else.

We need to never give up, forgive all the people who we feel have wronged us and ultimately remain grateful for what all we have. This is relevant to all, whether or not we suffer from an ailment.

By doing all of this, we are bound to improve in our health and lead a complete life and become a hero/heroine in the journey of life.

With inputs from Dr SanjivRawal, MBBS.(BOM). D.Ac., DTCM. Diploma in Acupuncture(VMU)., LL.M,

If I got afflicted from multiple sclerosis due to some kind of karma, now having healed, I think it is my dharma to share my story with others so that they can also heal.

Those who wish to have more details of my recovery can do so by reading my book, Dancing with Life, Living with Multiple Sclerosis published by Hayhouse.

The book is available online at

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