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Raksha Bharadia

I know Raksha Bharadia since the time I wrote a story for Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul of which she was the editor. She took the task very seriously and verified all the facts with me before publishing it and we have been friends ever since.

Now, she has taken up studying couple relationships and launched a website,

This is a non-judgemental space where she hopes to break some of the taboos associated with discussing love lives.

She has approached experts, therapists, sexologists, historians, divorce lawyers and, of course, the couples themselves.

Indeed relationships and tag lines seem to be all over the world now. Though there is a lot of hype, there is also a lot of loneliness with people not knowing what to do, where to get answers. In this context, I was happy to come across this site that is working to make this happen.

I was happy to see that people are indeed sharing their issues to be helped and through sharing, encouraging others also to do the same thing.   In India, this is usually even more of an issue as people don’t usually share their problems. This is what made Raksha venture into this domain as make it easier for people to address their issues.

I personally like the fact that this site is is all about love and relationships that we all need. As Raksha says, “We need relationships and love as  these are an essential part of our lives. Otherwise we would feel lost in this huge populace of 5 billion plus. Our lovers make us feel that we exist, what is important to us is relevant to them…We all need witnesses to our lives”

By sharing our issues, this site enables us to solve issues and most of all, makes us realise we are not alone in whatever issues that life throws at us.

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