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spiritualwellnessThe first thing that I had to overcome when I got diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) was thinking about what is going to happen next. Would I become a vegetable? Would I have a premature death? Will I be able to see, hear, speak, walk? What would happen to my family, especially my children?

Today, after nearly ten years, I am completely fine, physically, mentally and yes, spiritually. I definitely wish to promote spiritual wellness to everyone now.

What is spiritual wellness? When spirituality itself is misused and misinterpreted, naturally spiritual wellness itself is bound to also be misunderstood, misused or misinterpreted.

I consider spiritual wellness to be working on all aspects of our personality. Through my association with Life Positive, I have actually come across many such success stories who have worked on spiritual wellness and now, I have also become one such story.

I do not wish to make the simple statement that we attract illness. The fact is, like life, illness or wellness happens because there are some lessons that we still need to learn.

How do we learn these lessons? This can be done only by walking in the right direction. What is the right direction? The first step is being clear that we shall indeed improve and of course, we shall.  Call it faith, belief, affirmation, the power of positive thought or anything that conveys the same message. It is a fact that the body responds to the mind and the mind to the soul. Fortunately, these are very much in our control.

We also live in a world where there is a lot of mixed up priorities. Data is given more importance than feelings. What can go wrong is given more importance that what can go right.

This is why I wish to share my story and let people know I have overcome a so-called chronic ailment primarily by working on my spirit, mind and body, in that order. If I can do this, others can too.

If you wish to  seek some guidance here, I request you to send a request on jamuna.rangachari@gmail.com


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