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storiesAll human beings are storytelling creatures. For centuries, we have told stories to transmit information, share histories, and teach important lessons. While stories often have a profound effect on us due to emotional content, recent research also shows that our brains are actually hard-wired to seek out a coherent narrative structure in the stories we hear and tell. This structure helps us absorb the information in a story, and connect it with our own experiences in the world.

If I think back on some of my best learning experiences they were often either having to do with hearing a great story…or creating a new story. When I look at what articles I enjoy, they almost always teach me something through a story.

In a world that is increasingly getting fragmented due to isolation and lack of understanding of others and their world, the best thing we can do with and for anyone is to share stories. Stories show us how similar we all are in all our feelings and beliefs.

Often in our techno-focused and data driven world, we fail to take the time to actually teach through stories. I do not deny that technology is a great tool for learning, but guess what, learning and sharing wisdom through stories might be a better tool. Hence, I firmly believe that if apple a day can keep the doctor away, a (positive) story a day can indeed make the world more united and together in all respects.

Now, the next question would logically be which are the stories that one would like to read and think about? Here, just like the company of good people makes us better people, stories of people who have done things that inspire us and perhaps make us at least aspire to do similar things are the best to read, for us, for our society and by extension, for the world.


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