Suggested Conconctions for Diabetes


In my family and friend circle, there are many people afflicted with diabetes. Hence, this is often a subject of discussion at functions, social meets and even on the telephone and social media.

I have seen many people keep it very much under control and some whose sugar levels keep fluctuating. The key factor is diet and discipline.

Some of the wisdom  I have gained by reading books on Ancient Tamil Remedies and some I have gathered by observing and listening to those who are afflicted.

LADIiesfingerLadies Finger

Slice a ladies finger (okra) and immerse it in water overnight. The next morning, drink the water and the ladies finger together. Believe me, it is not all that dreadful in taste (I tried it though I do not suffer from diabetes). It is said to be definitely worth it for the health benefits


neemleavesNeem Leaves) and Pepper.                

Take some neem leaves (50 – 100 grams) called Indian Lilac in English and Vepalai in English. Add 3-4 peppers. Grind them together and have it in the morning – the size of a marble.




gooseberryHave a gooseberry everyday as it has curative properties for eliminating this ailment. In addition to diabetes, gooseberry or what is known as amla in Hindi and Nellikai in Tamil is said to have very high calcium content. It is truly worth having every day.


Basil Leaves

basilEveryday have 10-20 basil leaves called tulsi leaves (in the morning and in the evening) and have water with it. Doing this for 3 months will produce tangible results. Most Indian homes have a tulsi plant at home so making sure one has is fairly simple in India. Those in other parts of the world can also easily acquire it and grow it as a herb in their kitchen garden.


Garlic pieces

garlicEveryday take four garlic pieces – cook them and mix with milk and have it instead of tea, coffee and any other hot beverage.





Radish Crush

radishTake 2 medium sized raddish, wash it well and crush it. Take some neem leaves which are not tender (5-10). Take some mango leaves (5-10). Put them all in a vessel and add one litre of water. Boil all of these long enough so that the quantity reduces from one litre to about ½ a litre. Filter it and keep this decoction in another vessel. Every day in the morning in empty stomach, take 100 ml of this, make it lukewarm and have it first thing in the morning.

Please relish having this and drink it slowly. This decoction is to be made fresh after every five days. The ½ litre that has been made, is to be finished exactly in five days.

Bermuda – the wonder grass

arugampalIn case you have diabetes and whether or not there is evidence of some internal or external boils or ulcers or any type of inflammation which does not seem to be getting healed because of the fact that you have diabetes which normally slows down the body’s natural healing process – you may do the following.

Take some Bermuda grass (Botanical name : Cynodon dactylon), called Arugampul in Tamil (25 grams) or Dhoob in Hindi), 25 grams of mango leaves (preferably from a mango tree that gives round and plump mangoes) and 25 grams of leaves from a fig tree. Put all of these in 1 ½ litres of water and boil it so that is reduces in quantity to 750 ml. Filter this after it cools down using a white cloth and collect it in another vessel.

 Please have 50 ml of this in the morning before breakfast and 50 ml before having dinner.   You may have to prepare this once again after you exhaust the 750 ml. Continue having this for one month to get tangible results.

Ginger Ale of a different kind

gingerIn the morning, take a piece of fresh ginger (the size of a marble) wash it and remove the skin. Take about 100 – 150 ml of water and boil this with crushed ginger in it till the quantity reduces to half. To this add three pieces of cardamom (elaichi) and about half a glass of already boiled and cooled milk (to normal room temperature) and have it without adding sugar.

Spice with fruit


  1. White Marudah (Botanical name Terminalia arjuna ) , Arjan, Arjuna in Hindi, Vellamarutu in Tamil (50 grams).




jamun122. Add Malabar Plum, Naval pattai in Tamil, Jamun in Hindi, (50 grams) and Black cumin (zira or zirah in hindi) (50 grams) in a vessel containing 400 ml of water. Boil it till it reduces to 200 ml. Have 100 ml of this in the morning and in the evening for regularly – at least from 40 to 80 days to begin with.



Barley Ale

barleyMildly fry 100 grams of barley and grind it in a mixie. In half a litre of water boil this till it reduces to half its quantity. To this add 2 or 3 cardamom seeds duly crushed. Keep drinking this. This is highly beneficial for handling this ailment.


Fig seeds powder

figseedpowderSeparate the seeds from the fig fruit and let them dry up in the sun. Thereafter, grind it. Take a small portion of the powder thus prepared and mix with little honey and have it in the morning and in the evening.

You can see a remarkable difference in your sugar levels in due course of time.


Do remember that proper diet is certainly something that helps but obsessing over any kind of diet including this one could be counterproductive. Hence, take diet seriously but never too seriously.  Keep all the guidelines in mind and do what you can without  causing stress. Try whatever suits you, listen to your body and do your best to enable the ailment remain in control.


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  1. sujeet upadhyay

    Its a good knowledgble link to control sugar lavel for type-2 Diabitic pataient.i would like to share my exp..kathal (jackfruit) is also good to reduce sugar lavel. Dipping legs for half an our in salty luke worm water or dipping legs in normal water for half an hour wit karela (bitter gourd) ith also help to reduce sugar lavel in hal an hour.its my personal experience..thanks jamuna for the useful information given to me. will add that too

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