Become a thriver, irrespective of multiple sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis has shaped me so well that I have learnt to experience things fully, vividly, and completely. I throw myself into the experiencing of something: concentrating on it fully and making it fully absorb me

Recently, I saw a movie, Dolphin Tale that I loved so much that I recommend it to everyone. The story is about  a dolphin whose life was saved through surgery by a doctor who specializes in prosthetic limbs.


I will not tell you entire story, but there is a scene which is relevant to all of us.

In the story, one of the characters, which was a champion swimmer returns from the military with a damaged right leg from an explosion.  He is now working with the same doctor who works on his prosthetic limbs. In one of the scenes, the doctor asks the swimmer to try and kick a ball, which he finds extremely difficult to do and breaks down, saying his life is broken now as he cannot even walk without a walker. The doctor takes a glass and throws it on the floor. The glass fully cracks. After a while, the doctor tells the swimmer that as the glass is fully broken and just cannot get a new life, it is indeed broken. He then tells the swimmer he just needs to find a new way of living, and that is certainly not being broken as this is just a challenge and he needs to just find a new path.

I could really relate to this scene as often I too have often felt sorry for myself and still do sometimes. Perhaps MS has made me understand true suffering and life itself which is why my understanding has also become better. Earlier, though I did watch movies and read books, my ailment has made be even more observant and insightful about every aspect that each and every character aims to convey.

One of the major reasons why we fail to find happiness or to create a unique lifestyle is because we have not yet mastered the art of being the way we are. I have seen with all the heroes and heroines I have come across so far that people with challenges have become thrivers only because they fully accepted their limitations and never made it an excuse for not doing anything but only followed a different route.

I have learnt it to some extent and request all of you, with any challenge, to do the same.


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