Take back the power from multiple sclerosis (MS)

powertoselfSometime back, a friend of mine, who had also been afflicted with MS, told me she was so depressed that she wished she could die. Now, in my opinion, she did not actually mean it but kept repeating it out of self-pity. I could relate to it as I had been on that path too, sometime earlier. Now, as a malaise, self-pity is totally in our control. We can and should work on making it disappear from our lives. Like most things, this may take time and effort but will go if the direction is clear. This is actually the first step towards becoming better. Nothing will work if we have this attitude.

The fact is, everyone with MS can actually do a lot of things. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is the fear of what would happen tomorrow. So-called educated people, thanks to the internet, are even more confused and depressed on what could happen tomorrow.

The fact is, none of us know what could happen tomorrow or even the next minute. We can also make the most of the current moment and do our best to the best of our ability. This is applicable to everyone, not just those with ailments.

We can read and even use the internet as a positive tool reading about people who have thrived despite whatever issues they may have had. This is bound to inspire us to lift us out of our depression.

As in all areas, the physical issues, if there are any, can indeed be handled, if we energize the mind to focus on what we can do and aim at doing this to the best of our ability.

For me, alternate therapies like acupuncture, acupressure and now, yoga have worked very well. For others, it may be something else. The point is, we all need to take care of all aspects like diet, fitness and mental fitness like doing what we like and enjoy.

All we must remember MS is a challenge not a death sentence. Challenges can indeed be handled if we just learn how to do it. This does not mean the physical challenges will vanish. If we give it less importance, their control over our lives will become lesser and lesser and finally have no control over our lives. Let us focus on what we can do, not what we cannot despite MS or any ailment, friends. This is bound to give less power to the ailment and more power to our own selves.

Let us combat the ailment and not give excessive power to it.

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