The body, mind, spirit angle of Multiple sclerosis

I have always believed that healing happens only when the body, mind and spirit change as these are all layers of our own self. Working with Life Positive, a magazine that focuses on personal growth has only reinforced this belief in me.

With my colleagues at Life Positive
With my colleagues at Life Positive

We all know what multiple sclerosis is as a medical term. We also know that a cure has not been found, as yet in allopathy. Basically, multiple Sclerosis is an ailment in which the myelin sheath that covers the sufferer’s neurons are sclerotic, i.e. they are scarred, no longer function correctly, and are not repaired.

In the terms of the metaphysical angle or in simpler terms, attitude, sclerosis is the opposite of flexibility, adaptability and the ability to change.

The scars may have occurred due to various reasons, quite often in childhood. The fact is, however, this has resulted in a bad attitude as change is indeed a part of life and we do need to be flexible and adaptable always.

If we do not think we are stubborn or obstinate, then perhaps your body is giving you an alert and telling us we need to change this. I used to be quite proud of the fact that I was a go-getter and called myself a determined person. However, from another point of view, determined can also be negative when it becomes obstinate and stubborn

This is not a playing of words. The fact is our body is giving us a message. To me, acupuncture has worked like a miracle. To some others, the therapy or treatment could be different. However, no therapy or medicine can work unless we combine it with a change in our attitude. As to how we go about bringing about this change, the first thing one would need to do is accept that yes, one needs to be more flexible and adaptable.

The next step could be to practice this, especially in one’s relationships, as our relationships are the benchmark of life.

As far as the spirit is concerned, we must have the faith that we shall indeed get better , whether we believe in Jesus, Allah, Krishna or not. It is basically faith in one’s own self.

This is not mathematics and cannot happen overnight but when one makes a beginning, the progress will be there, in stages.

Whatever may be the result, and whether the ailment disappears or not, we shall certainly lead a more complete life with harmonized relationships and faith in ourselves.

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