The hype of MS

Sometime back, ‘cancer’ was the disease showcased on the Indian film industry, with people having a positive attitude despite the fact that they were about to die. This has now changed where cancer has been overcome many times and it is no longer that scary. In this scenario, all kinds of ailments are being showcased to get the audience to sympathize and weep with the protagonist.

Some time back, the Indian movie, Guru, did this with multiple sclerosis. This was not the main story line, so fortunately, did not register much with the public and even with the patients or caregivers.  It died a natural death after a while, in my opinion.

With friends at a party
With friends at a party

I had seen this movie earlier with my family. When I had seen the movie, I had felt quite anxious on whether I would end up like this. I knew my husband would indeed take care of me, but I certainly did not want to subject him or my children to such a predicament.

When the movie also showed the girl saying she would probably die within a year, I disconnected completely with the whole drama and exaggeration. I knew that Multiple sclerosis is may be a disabling disease but is not really life threatening.  The main theme of the movie was not Multiple Sclerosis or an ailment and neither were this girl and her boyfriend the leading pair in the movie. At that time, all that had happened in my case was that I had talked to my husband and we just shook our head about the gross misrepresentation and did not think more about this aspect at all. There may be many other such shows in sitcoms or movies. Even in India, when the awareness that such a disease exists rises, there could be representations and misrepresentations galore.

Though the movie had hardly any impact on me, I met someone recently who had been impacted by this. Hence, I wish to tell everyone who may have seen this kind of movie and many others who may have been impacted by any sort of representation to just disconnect from this kind of depiction.

For instance, even at that time, I was actually very relieved that my children, who had watched this movie, never even thought about the portrayal of multiple sclerosis. I was glad that the word MS did not even register strongly with them.    Surely, my husband and I had succeeded in NOT making this ailment the focus of our lives.

Today, acupuncture has given me remarkable results and I do not even need to think about the ailment at all. Still, I do believe it is also being sure that I shall indeed combat the ailment that was and is responsible for my wellness.

After all, self-fulfilling–prophecy can and does make the impossible, possible many times.

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