The layers of healing from Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Due to my association with Life Positive, I have come across many healing techniques. I attribute my recovery from multiple sclerosis, whether one calls it remission, handling the ailment or cure, to acupuncture.  Now, I do not have any issues that make it difficult to lead an independent life. In fact, I am more active physically, mentally and spiritually that I ever was.

overcomefearAgain due to my writing and working with Life Positive, I have also been come across many metaphysical reasons for ailments.

According to Louise Hayes, Multiple Sclerosis indicates mental hardness, hard-heartedness, iron will, inflexibility, and fear. She suggests a new thought pattern that is ‘By choosing loving, joyous thoughts, I create a joyous, loving world. I am safe and free.’

I called myself determined. Is it not true that determination when carried to the extremes does become rigidity as well?

According to Martin Brofman’s chakra healing theory, issues like MS and other neurological ailments are caused due to issues with what he calls a father figure, who could be the biological father or a person of authority.

I certainly resonate with both the above. I had a difficult childhood and did have some issues with my father, though nothing was really his fault. It was actually nobody’s fault. It was due to the circumstances and I did not try to understand him at all.

In the process of healing, I have realized that all relationships need to be set right for us to improve. More than claims of forgiving each other and tall claims of that nature, I think we all need to understand each other. Most, if not all relationships are set right with this simple act.

I do not know whether if flawed relationships or a wrong attitude that contributed to multiple sclerosis. What I do know and believe is that we need to set right all our relationships to lead a more complete life.  Before my father passed away recently, I had indeed set right my relationship with him.  This has certainly made me feel much better.

I am certain this has also contributed to my recovery as we all are made of three layers, the body, mind and the spirit. The mind is more powerful than the body and the spirit is more powerful than both the body and mind.

To heal, we need to set all the layers right to proceed to complete wellness.

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