The two wings of enlightenment

togetherness2Though there is hatred ruling the world all over now, I firmly believe this time will indeed pass as mankind has shown us time and again that it is sharing and caring that can save us and the world.

All masters have taught us that in order to realize enlightenment, we must work on developing two qualities, wisdom and compassion. These two qualities are sometimes compared to two wings that must work together to achieve flight, or two eyes that work together to be able to experience depth perception.

What does being nice to others have to do with personal enlightenment?  Actually, it has everything to do with it. Wisdom teaches us we all are interconnected and therefore, interdependent. With this thought process, we begin to understand that the idea of “others” vs “self” itself is mistaken. Everything is interconnected. When we see someone suffering and feel their pain as if it were our own, we strive to lessen or heal that pain, we are experiencing compassion.

To truly understand the pain and suffering of others, we must understand pain and suffering ourselves. When we finally understand that others suffer in the very same way that we suffer, we can start to develop true compassion. This is not pity but genuine empathy. From this we manifest sharing, comfort, sympathy, concern, and caring, which are all manifestations of compassion.

When we begin thinking in this manner, we do indeed move on the path of enlightenment for it is never ‘us’ versus ‘them’ but all of us together that can save us and the world. This is the primary lesson we all need to learn in our lives if we wish to move on the path of enlightenment and not just speak of it using jargon that may sound fancy but no one really understands, let alone follows.






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