Too many words, too less sense?

Feminism, empowerment, underprivileged, privileges and all kinds of words are floating around in the world today. Everyone seems to wish to espouse or support something.  It is almost as if we wish to reinvent our own selves all the time. The fact is, yes, we do need to keep learning and growing, but which is the direction in which we are heading?

toomanywordsJust as we cannot learn algebra without knowing how to add, make sentences without knowing the alphabet, we cannot support or espouse causes without understanding our own selves completely.

For understanding ourselves, the basic principles are inbuilt in our own conscience.  This cannot be borrowed or taken from anyone else. In fact, most of the issues that we as individuals and the world have are because of borrowed consciences whether we call it brainwashing, fanaticism, feminism and yes, even patriotism.

Even if the isms are not associated with us, we are still complete human beings. This is what we need to learn or rather unlearn the fact that we have to have an identity to belong in a world of artificial isms.

To belong in ‘our’ world, all we need to do is understand ourselves and be true to ourselves. Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true”, the Upanishads and Vedas have always asked to explore the question ‘Who am I”, the Buddhist philosophy calls it “awareness”.

Religion, good literature, spirituality or philosophy all make the point that, without knowing who we are, we cannot decipher any of the causes or isms we seek to espouse. Without knowing this, the entire journey of life will be like a car going haywire with a high powered engine but no driver, either guiding or controlling it.

Who is the driver we need? As I said earlier, we are born with this driver, our own conscience. All we need to learn is to listen to it, ignoring the external disturbances and noise around us.

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