Understanding Life with MS

lawofattractionOne of the most illogical statements I have heard in my handling MS is that at least there is more awareness about cancer and therefore, there is sympathy too. Another equally illogical statement is being disabled from birth makes one handle it easily, but as MS is an ailment that makes a fit person unfit, it is extremely difficult to handle.

We need to think about whether we are looking for a sympathy wave, a disability certificate or a solution to handle the ailment, warts and all.

When someone has a headache, they think of either having a pill or sleeping and avoiding noise and stress. Similarly, if someone is diabetic, they have medicines and of course, avoid sweets as they have to.

As we do not know enough about MS, we usually need to be our own doctors. The best way to do this is to listen to your own body, mind and spirit.

Through my own experience, I suggest the following:-

  • Eat healthy food that makes you feel better.

Avoid junk food to the maximum extent possible. Eat to feel fit and more energetic.

  • Exercise to the maximum extent possible.

Do yoga, swim, do pilates or at least walk everyday to keep the body functional.

  • Harmonize ¬†your relationships

We often talk about remaining positive, having no grudges and many other claims that are actually quite difficult to achieve. We must understand that everything and everyone in life just need to be understood. To understand people, we must know the story of their life. When we see it from the prism of the other person, we begin understanding them and then life itself.

  • Meditate for at least for one minute a day

Whether one calls this prayer, introspection or just making the mind still for a while, this does help to a large extent. Meditate to make yourself feel peaceful, calm and upbeat.

  • Finding a purpose

Finally, the most important aspect, is finding a purpose in life. We all need to do something to make ourselves feel better. Let us look for such a purpose all the time. If we can read and write, let us teach children. If we can sing, let us learn and practice music. If we can listen and make people feel better, let us do this. This shall at least make us stop wallowing in self pity and focus on other things in the world.

Actually, the fact that the effects of MS are uncertain can be positive as well for we can indeed lead a complete life, despite MS.

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