Wake up to the law of interdependence before it is too late !

In our rush for greater power and more strength, have we forgotten the law of interdependence that is the driving force of the universe ?


In the area of trade, all countries definitely need each other to grow. This is a fact. Trade, jobs, education, everything now is globalized. In the financial area also, the entire world including India needs trade pacts, alliances and yes, even assistance sometimes.

Terrorism has become a word that even a young child knows now. It is looming large in the world and making us feel threatened and insecure all the time. This too can be tackled only if we come together and resolve it as a problem that all of us face.  We cannot create strips of terrorism all over the world by just bombing a region or many regions. Again and again, there seem to be only talk of greater weapons, more power but not that of complete resolution of the issue.

The problem can be resolved only if the reason is identified. The major issue of terrorism is not religion, not ideology but victimhood. If we keep bombing areas, killing everyone, including the innocent, is it not a fact that we will create a generation of victims, who are likely to turn into terrorists? Are we not creating a generation of victims now?

No amount of guns, bombs and checks can ever be victorious with a human mind. We need to learn to understand what the human mind is going through and resolve it to the best possible extent.

This principle is not rocket science. It is common sense. Team work is only thing that can give us lasting results.

In personal life, true independence indicates a willingness to take complete responsibility for one’s thoughts, feelings, actions, and circumstance; in fact, life itself. As we grow up the maturity chart, we gradually shed our dependence on others. We learn to let go of our need for others to make our decisions for us, we learn to take the consequences of our actions, we stop looking for others to rescue us out of our messes, or clear up after us. We stop wanting to be looked after by others. We become self-reliant and strong, capable of handling any crisis that comes our way. We also develop our own value system and make decisions based on that. Slowly, very slowly, we raise ourselves, straighten our spine and finally stand tall. It is this confidence and inner strength that enables us to forge enduring bonds with others for we will not be afraid of being taken advantage of, or of being dominated. And, a truly independent person is loving and giving, sharing and caring.

So is the case in the area of global issues. This is an era where the entire world is reminded once again of the need to move from dependence to independence and then to interdependence. This is a signal call to join our forces to resolve all crises – be it financial or security related.

Will we remain focused on independence and power at any cost or recognize the importance of interdependence before it is too late ?

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