What is it that we need to protect?

earthplasticsIn all the talk of protection of cows, we need to understand what the significance of the cow really was in ancient India. The cow was seen as a symbol in many areas, the primary one of which is ecology or our planet Earth. It is also a symbol of nourishment. Both of them, the cow and earth, provides us nourishment and care just like a mother does to her child, without expecting anything in return. Even if there are no expectations, surely we need to look after and love this mother of ours, whether it is our biological one or the mother of all of us, mother Earth.

If the protection of planet Earth is what the cow signifies, surely all of us, all humans need to be on the same page, whatever our philosophy and belief system may be. In whatever is happening all around us, it is clear that this is the most important task of all for all of us right now.

In today’s world, there is excess of everything and we really do not know how to make use of all that we have. For instance, over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century and fifty percent of the plastic that we use, is something we use just once and throw away. Why just the earth, today, plastic constitutes around ninety percent of all trash on the ocean’s surface. This has not only caused the death of a lot of marine life, it also causes water pollution and therefore, many health hazards to us, the humans. We can see how in just the area of plastics, our behaviour in just thrown plastic erratically around us is detrimental to all of us, and by extension, the entire planet. In fact, in today’s world, the new epidemic is wastage and misuse of natural resources.

In this scenario, instead of becoming vigilantes of various kinds, it would help everyone if we all become vigilantes for the environment and Mother Earth and guard against the destruction we do to her, everyday all the time. To ensure that there are lasting effects, we need to make this a part of our nature and our lives to save the planet for all of us.

Like in all truths, we all need to practice this to “Be the change we want to see” as Mahatma Gandhi espoused.

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