What is the era we are in ?

“There is so much negativity is all around us. This is truly the age of Kalyug (that can be loosely translated as age where evil often wins over good). God knows what is going to happen next. When will Satyug (that can be blog29July2016loosely translated as the age where good triumphs over evil) come? ”, I have often been told by many people.

I do know there are issues in the world, but talking in this manner shall not help us at all.  I am sure that there  have been positive and negative happenings in all eras with positive and negative people and positive and negative intentions.

In all eras and in all parts of the world, we have had control only over own selves, our actions and our intentions. As far as the world is concerned, focus and perception is an extremely aspect of how we view the environment around us.  If we focus on all that is negative in the world and also in our lives, we shall indeed see only negativity around us. In fact, we do even see that there are many people who go around the world, physically or even by reading or browsing the internet, to pick up stories that need to be spoken against. While raising a voice or what is today called activism is necessary to an extent, we need to see the positive stories all around us to inspire us and by extension, the world.

Today, I read an article in the newspaper about a person who gave away one lakh with scrap and got it back http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/rajasthan-housewife-gives-away-rs-1-lakh-with-scrap-gets-it-back/story-Z55mQ1JQopEU30PX1xjXGP.html. While searching for the link on the internet, I read another such story about a rickshaw driver who had returned 1 lakh he had found on the roadside http://www.hindustantimes.com/jaipur/rajasthan-rickshaw-puller-returns-rs-1-17-lakh-he-found-on-roadside/story-WE2UMmDIvJESZrbjGEARzL.html

The fact is, there is honesty and integrity all around us. The above are stories from the newspapers but I am sure we all have seen people who do things that make the world a wee bit better, in their own way. It could be a young child lending a hand to an elderly when everyone else is busy being ‘busy’ in this world, it could be an elderly person going out of the way to help a younger, more able person, it could be a person we call ‘underprivileged’ doing much more for the world that the people we call ‘privileged’.

The more we observe all these events, we ourselves start becoming more positive and in a sense, becoming better people.

In a sense, it is only our own actions that create either Kaliyuga or Satyug wherever we are in the game of life. Yes, It is really all upto us.

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